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#PYNKGirls: Bossy Female CEO’s Changing The Game

CHA CHA- Girl Boss


Thank god for change and for progression in the 21st century. We liv in an era where women are not confined to stereotypes and discrimination. Where a female can be the owner of her own company and the boss of her own company. Entrepreneurship is one of those career paths that is rarely taken because of doubt, the pressure of society for people to conform and the disbelief that someone can actually work for themselves and make and honest living. The stigma of always being an employee of a company is a tough one to overcome.

Entrepreneurship is certainly the road less traveled, but it shouldn’t be. It is important for us to teach the younger generation that you can make you passion your paycheck and that taking this chance is not as farfetched as society labels it to be. If you work hard at your goals, your diligence will shine through and surpass all the obstacles that were once a burden. In honor of Women’s History Month. Here are 10 bossy and bold lady CEO’s that are breaking down barriers one stereotype at a time.


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