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#PYNKGirlsCare: 6 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2015



Earth Day is not an unnecessary holiday, although most people do not plan to celebrate it today. It’s a lot deeper than just acknowledging our beautiful land. On this day-especially since it’s gorgeous outside- we should all try to appreciate our earth for what it is.

Hippie and flower-child culture in the United States spawned the idea that celebrating earth was more important than war, breaking news and even entertainment. In 1970 this peaceful trend became an emerging movement of positivity and consciousness channeling anti-war and nature appreciation. Founder Gaylord Nelson was inspired by the terrors that pollution and the mistreatment of our world were causing and on April 22, birthed a day dedicated to Mother Nature.

Our planet is a natural cycle of energy and life. Where there is air and water, there is growth and sustainability, so it’s important to keep this cycle in motion by positively contributing to the progress of the earth’s natural sequences. Check out 6 ways that PYNK girls are going to celebrate Earth Day on this wonderful Wednesday.

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Pick up some trash


Plant some flowers


Make some nature art


Pick some flowers and give them to someone


Have a picnic with natural/healthy foods.


Protest for a natural cause.


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