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#PYNKGirlsCare: Baltimore Looks Like This Now #PrayForBaltimore



Earlier this month Freddie Gray–a 25-year-old male–was arrested by the Baltimore police and put into their squad van. On the way to the police station, the officers called for medical assistance and when help arrived, Freddie could not speak or move. Later that evening, the young black male was announced dead due to a severe spinal injury that mysteriously happened. Accusations have been made that it was the police who caused  his death.

Once word got out of the tragic event Baltimoreans began peacefully protesting in their communities. Some of these protests have turned into riots and police are currently using extreme force to stop the madness. Tear gas laces the streets as innocent bystanders get backlash from the toxins. Activists and police officers continue to fight against each other and now the government has reached out to the National Guard for this matter.

It’s unfortunate that we still live in a society where peace and justice continue to be a rarity in our system. We hope that Baltimore pulls through from this catastrophic circumstance and that no more people have to suffer. Be sure to get active and stay aware of these issues currently happened in the black community.

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