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#PYNKGirlsCare: Cincinnati Citizen Assaulted & Robbed Protecting Community Center


518872381-Assault-Victim-from-Cincinnati-Uses-YouTube-to-Turn-1A video surfaced the web this weekend, of a man who was brutally beaten by 5 teenagers in his Cincinnati community. Ronald Moon is a 25-year-old Ohio native who recently quit his job to dedicate his life to bettering his community. In an attempt to restore a house his father purchased and turn it into a community center, Ronald Moon was assaulted after confronting the robbers who had been stealing from his community center. Although the video is very difficult to watch, Moon expresses his dedication to continuing to build the community center and his love for “all his people.”

“This is the hardest video I will ever make,” Moon says in the video. He describes his struggles turning his father’s old house into a community center for his neighborhood, despite robbers constantly breaking in to the residence.

“Today, I came across the people that [have been]breaking in there,” he says. “This is what they did to me.”

“I want to do something good for my people,” he says through tears. “I’m tired of struggling, I’m sick of it. I’m just trying to do the best that I can for my people. … I’m tired of seeing this hurt.”

It’s terrible having to face the harsh realities that bad things happen to goo people all the time, but Moon shows pure courage to stand strong and continue to push to create a better home for his fellow peers and community members. To help moon and his cause, you can donate to his Go Fund Me page. Thanks to media traction and the selfless support of concerned citizens in cities all over the US, Moon has raised over $60,000 for his nobel deed. #PYNKGirlApproved

Via 1853 Kinney Avenue Community Center Go Fund Me:

The goal I have is to offer this place as a space where ideas, skills, and resources can be shared among this neighborhood and with surrounding neighborhoods in Cincinnati.

– regular open discussions
– story telling
– poetry and creative writing
– yoga and meditation
– dance
– craft and jewelry making
– carpentry
– tailoring
– gardening
– plumbing
– recording and music engineering
– cultural education
– computing
*If someone can teach it and another can learn it, it is precisely what this place would be interested in housing.

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