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#PYNKGirlsCare: ‘Never 21’Goes Public In Forever 21 #BlackLivesMatter



Never 21 is an amazing movement that has been inspired by the unfortunate events of the Freddie Gray incident. While the top news outlets are reporting on violent protests and angry activists, an organization called Never 21 has been brought to light inside the popular retail franchise, Forever 21. In the flagship store in Union Square—posing as store employees—group members dressed mannequins in “Black Lives Matter” tee shirts with a message implying that the deceased individuals will never see 21.

Never 21 is an anonymous social, political movement acknowledging the disparities between treatment of black and brown people in America and everyone else through the justice system. The movement aims to bring awareness to similar issues that have been negatively affecting minority communities for way too long.

It’s a beautiful thing when entertainment and fashion can be used as a tool for social change, which is exactly what this simple act has done. It didn’t last long, but it lasted long enough to get a message out and gain attention from the media and bystanders. Watch the full video of the brief protest below.

Photo Credit(s): Never 21

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