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PYNKGIRLSINSPIRE: Many Reasons to Just Smile…


Life is full of obstacles and will sometimes throw a curve ball at you.  It’s important in those moments to know and understand that there is a higher being that has it all understand control.  God is love and when you have that kind of love, you have faith, and with faith comes grace, and you can get through anything.  He will never put more on you than you can bare.  Even when it feels like the heaviest weight is on your shoulders.  It’s still alright.  With so much hatred in the world, it’s still imperative to have love.  We greet people everyday asking, “How are you doing?” or “Have a good day!”  You often hear I can’t complain.  It was told before that if you are having a bad day, despite it is still a good day; it’s okay to say, “I’m having a rough kinda day, but I’m still alright.”  There is so much inspiration around, from Tupac‘s “Keep Ya Head Up” to Kirk Franklin‘s “Smile”; here are few reasons and reminders in those troubled times that you should still SMILE no matter the storm:

“Life is too short.”

“It takes less work, energy, and muscles to just smile.”

“Someone always has it worse than you.”

“You woke up this morning”

“Any day on this side of the dirt is a good day!”

“You have a roof over your head and food on your table.”

“You have a JOB, despite it may not be exactly what you want right now, but it pays the bills.”


Think of those special people, special occasions, fun hobbies, or sitting on the beach if that makes you JUST SMILE!  It’s just one search away.  There are many reasons to smile, so remember that when life may get you a little bummed out!

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