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#PYNKHealth: 3 Easy DIY Stress Relievers



If you are one of the #PYNKGirls who planned to bring in the new year stress free but instead ended up with the complete opposite, we have just what you need to relieve some of that stress and get back on track.

Sometimes DIY projects can offer that serenity and calm that you need in your life because they require focus and allow you to tap into your inner artist. So take some time out of your hectic schedule to make these 3 easy DIY stress relieving aids.

Stress Ball

You will need: Scissors, party balloons, flour, funnel

Step 1. Blow air into a balloon so that it inflates and stretches. Once it sits for about a minute, let the air out of the balloon.

Step 2. With help from the funnel pour flour into your pre-stretched ballon.(make sure the funnel is on properly and to avoid making a mess hold the funnel in place with your hand.) Once filled tie off balloon.

Step 3. To avoid a mess if the balloon was to be punctured, get another balloon and cut the neck off it and place the extra ballon on the flour filled balloon so that it serves as an extra casing.

Face Scrub

You Will Need: 1/2 cup of honey, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1tbsp of coconut or olive oil, 1 drop of your favorite scented oil.

Step 1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl.

Step 2. Apply mixture to skin in a circle motion.

Step 3. Rinse mixture off face with warm water.

Step 4. Place warm rag on face.

Bath Salt Mixture 

You Will Need: 2 cups of sea salt or epsom salt, 8-15 drops of your favorite scented oil, 1tbs of vegetable oil.

Step 1. Mix all ingredients together with a fork to insure salt is mixed well with other ingredients.

Step 2. Place mixture in a jar with fitted lid for 1 day. (ensures ingredients have infused)

Step 3. Run warm bath.

Step 4. Add bath salt mixture just before getting in tub.



Photo Credit(s): templeflowerblog


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