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#PYNKHealth: 5 Vegan Restaurants To Try In NYC


Remember that healthy diet regimen that you wanted to try? Well, it’s never too late to get back on it. Although, we are constantly tempted to indulge on meals and treats that aren’t good for us; it’s hard to avoid these guilty pleasures when they are being thrown at us left an right. Next door to your office is probably a burger shack, then around the corner an Italian spot with the best meatballs in NYC, two blocks down and authentic Mexican spot on Yelp’s top 10.

You blame the strategic minds of restaurant owners, but you should really blame yourself for being too lazy to find healthier options on your own. We get it, which is why PYNK has compiled a list of restaurants with healthier options for you. Check out 5 vegan restaurants that every New Yorker should try.

Photo Credit(s): NYTimes, Yelp


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