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#PYNKHealth: Detoxing with My Life Cleanse


The new trend in the weight loss world seems to be detoxing. By definition detoxing is abstaining from and/or ridding the body from toxic or unhealthy substances.

Everyone from celebrities to everyday women have jumped on the detox train, and have fell in love with the results.

One of the popular detox plans whose astonishing results have been sweeping through the internet and Instagram is the My Life Cleanse, created by Brooke Bailey from Basketball Wives LA.

My Life Cleanse is a completely natural detox solution that cleanses your body and boosts your energy. The Instagram testimonials  have been amazing, and those who’ve made it through the ten days of detoxing attested to losing from 7-20 pounds, losing inches all around their body, increased energy, and clearer, brighter skin.

Even celebrities like our own #PYNKGirl Karen Civil and Blacc Chyna have flaunted their results on Instagram.

It’s important to stay healthy and My Life Cleanse seems like a great way to do that.

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