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#PYNKHealth: How To Make A Smoothie Like A Pro



Get fit with Pynk! A very important part of the get fit regimen is the food that you consume. You can work out all you want, but the real transition happens in the kitchen. The first step to making it happen in the kitchen is preparation. You have to do your research on what foods are nutritious and which foods are detrimental to your body. Which foods feed your muscles and which foods add unnecessary calories to your body.

The easiest way to get your foot through the health door is probably making smoothies and juicing. Although this is a tedious task that you may not have time for, juice bars and smoothie places are currently in high demand. Here are some great smoothie recipes discovered on Food Network and All Recipes that you can do yourself or order next time you go to the juice bar.


Photo Credit(s): Food Network

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