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#PynkHealth: There’s a New App to Inspire You to Exercise No Matter Where You Are!

Health is wealth.

We must eat healthy foods and definitely take the time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.  These doctor requirements are just the minimum to maximize your health, so are you disciplined enough to do it everyday? Or maybe you are that person that doesn’t want to feel the pressures of the gym? No worries, because there is a solution that can answer many of our stalling questions and get us on our quest to better health.

The MeUndo app is the evolution of personal training that fits the lifestyle of any type of fitness needs, budget, or schedule. As our needs become more diverse, this thought led to the development of a mobile application that caters to the diversity in personal training globally.

Photo: Instagram (@meundoapp)

Photo: Instagram (@meundoapp)

There have been many days when I just couldn’t make it to the gym, and missed the opportunity to work out which always leaves me feeling guilty, but not anymore. Thanks to this new app, I can exercise with a trainer in the comfort of my own home or near my office. How awesome is that?

I had the opportunity to chat with the CEO and creator of the application, Jean Paul, and he explained in great detail why he created the app and why we should be using it.

Read about how MeUndo works and why it may be a good fit for your busy schedule on the next page.

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