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#PYNKHealthy: 5 Reasons Why Stretching Is Important In the Morning


476804199Your morning routine should be this miraculous list of mandatory healthy things that you do everyday. First, You wake up naturally bright and early at approximately 6:30 a.m., then you do a light jog around the neighborhood, this leads to a hearty—but not to heavy—breakfast and some time to spare for yoga—laughing out loud.

For most of us, our morning routine consists of us rolling out of the bed just in time to take a quick shower and put a little eyeliner on. This is a habit that many of us have adopted and a difficult one to break, so it’s important to start slow.

If you are looking for a morning regimen that will help jumpstart your early a.m. workday—one simple step that you can add is stretching. You can call it yoga, but for all the beginners out there, yoga is nothing short of a bunch of stretch patterns. Give yourself 15 extra minutes in the morning for a stretch that will have your body feeling like a million. Check out 5 reasons why stretching in the morning can change the dynamics of the rest of your day.

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1. Ever get cramped up at your desk? Stretching probably won’t prevent this 100 percent, but it will definitely take some of the stress off of your joints and limbs. Stretching loosens up the body, so it isn’t as tense.

2. It wakes you up! Like showers, stretching will give you that pop of energy that you need to snap out of your sleep.

3. Stretching is great for circulation. Circulation is the flow of blood throughout your body, which prevents cramps and tight muscles.

4. After being asleep and enduring long periods of inactivity, your body needs to adjust to the busy day ahead of you. Your body is probably super tired at the end of the day and it’s because you didn’t fully recover from your 8-hour sleep. Stretching will enable your body to prepare for the rigorous work the next day.

5. Stretching increases flexibility, thus increasing more movement of the joints and becoming less subject to minor injuries and muscle spasms.


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