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#PYNKHistory: Black History Month Should Be Celebrated Every Month



Although I do appreciate society’s attempt to show its acceptance and appreciation for black culture, I refuse to succumb to the idea that this designated month for black history is useful or appropriate for the black community. I am thankful that we are important enough to have our own month of honor, but doesn’t this also isolate us as a culture and give us more room for inferiority? Black history month is definitely important, but black history is general is even more important.

I do think that it is important to acknowledge our black leaders and icons who have paved the way for black culture to be what it is today, but not in this way. Black History Month should be celebrated all year instead of us being granted a designated day to celebrate our blackness. In other words, we should be celebrating every month, so there will be no need to have a month of reminders that black culture is still relevant.

Women’s History Month is in March and they also are an inferior sub-culture of people, so what is this really promoting? The gesture of celebrating a group of people all month is an honorable one, but at what cost?—The continued degradation of an inferior group of people. The motive is to eventually experience a time where black history isn’t singled out as a once-a-year occurrence. Black History Month can be celebrated year round the PYNK way.

Education is the key component when dealing with issues like this. One major problem in the black community is that we are not even educated of our own culture. Black history is a part of world history and should be taught to our younger generation. If they are not learning about it in school, they should definitely be learning about it at home. Self-education is going to be the change that creates a more knowledgable culture.


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