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#PYNKInspiration: 5 Books That Will Inspire You


When was the last time you read a good book? Studies show that most Americans rarely read. Our reading habits consist of checking emails, browsing through instagrams timeline, and reading twitter updates. The internet has our undivided attention. Let’s be honest! we’ve all become “internet crazed.Television and social media has its benefits, but there’s nothing like reading a good book.

A stirring novel commands you to draw into your imagination, and a motivating self help book can definitely be resourceful.  Check out these 5 books that will inspire you.


Hiding behind the lipstick by Myesha Chaney



        Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes



Courtship Doing it God’s Way by Kellie White



Success Attraction Notes and Quotes by Stacia Pierce



f61c43dc2ed1fb6337a5e336f162575e 21 Ways To Finding Peace and Happiness by Joyce Meyer










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