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#PYNKInspiration: 8 Healthy Living Tips


When work deadlines pile up, and your social calendar is booked. It takes a considerable amount of discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your body is  your temple, and taking care of it is significant to enjoy life. Here are  8 helpful tips to keep in your daily routine. #PYNKInspiration


black-woman-sleeping  Get those Zzz’s: Adequate sleep promotes healing, alertness and strengthens your immune system.


Praying Woman

   Prayer Works: Prayer and meditation gives you clarity, and the guidance you need in life.



 Don’t skip Breakfast: Breakfast is essential for brain stamina and alertness.


Woman Drinking Water

Keep things Flowing: Drinking water helps remove toxins from your body.



Fruit is Cool: Replace junk food snacks with fruit.


Green Machine: Green vegetables are rich in vitamin A and K. Providing a high source of energy.



Keep it Moving: Create opportunities to exercise, short walks is a good start.


Boost your Mood: Listening to upbeat music reduces stress levels.

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