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#PYNKInspiration: Are You Salty?


I had the most challenging time at work last week. The doctors complained about the schedule, the copy machine needed to be repaired, we had a delivery issues, and to top it off we were short-staffed. At the end of the week, all I wanted to do was relax, and catch up on some of my favorite TV shows.

Over the weekend as I flipped through the channels, and came across a reality TV show on VH1. Any other time I would’ve changed the channel, but that night I actually watched the show. The episode had fights better than a legendary Mike Tyson boxing match. After about twenty minutes of watching nothing but drama, the word salty was the only thing that really captured my attention. One of the reality stars screamed, “She’s just salty!”, umm salty?

Eventually, I figured out that the word was being used to describe anger. I understand that some words are used as slang or a popular lingo. For instance, we use the word bad to describe something good. Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good, (in my Run DMC voice) haha! No seriously, for whatever reason, I can’t get with the term salty. I think it’s because I know that Jesus calls Christians the salt of the earth. Matthew 5:13

Have you ever had something to eat that was bland? I’m guessing the first thing you did was reached for some salt. Expecting the salt to help your food taste better. That’s exactly what God called the believer to be, help make things better. By bringing peace, love, and making a positive impact. Colossians 4:6 “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

Salt doesn’t just add flavor, but it makes you thirsty. The salt from your life should cause others to thirst for God. People should be drawn to the Lord because of your lifestyle. John 12:32 says, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” Even if people don’t understand everything you believe. Deep down inside they’ll know that there is something genuinely different about you, and something distinctively real about the God you serve.

All salt is important. When it snows, what do we use to prevent slip and falls? Yep, that’s right, salt! Just like prayer and words of wisdom are used to prevent others from slipping, and falling into sin or harmful situations. The salt on your life is a blessing from God, and has nothing to do with anger. God calls his own the salt of the earth, so please remember to stay salty my friends! #PYNKInspiration

Scriptures to read: Matthew 5:13, Mark 9:50, John 12:32, Colossians 4:6

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