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#PYNKInspiration: Release, Relax and Renew



The world is fast paced, and the days go by quickly. Before we know it months turn into years. We program ourselves to do a routine that never gives our minds a rest. Work, social media, phones, family etc.

Most of us do business on our phones, so we wake up and check the phone and we go to sleep checking the phone. Sometimes even losing sleep because we are too busy scrolling, when we should be resting. The mind has no time to reset itself, to release negative energy, calm your body down and take off the edge. Have you ever fallen asleep, but your mind was still going at its fast pace? Dreaming about weird things you have scrolled passed, or movies you have just watched still playing in your head.


We are becoming zombies because we wont allow our brains to rest. We need that wind down time to stay fresh and rejuvenated. Dont think that this can only be done at the spa. You can allow yourself that renewal time. By choosing to mute all notifications on your phone for a certain time, when it’s close to bedtime. Or not sleeping with the phone in your room. Practicing mediation gives you a calming feeling, so that we can take on the task of the next day. Unloading, rewinding and restoring the human body. Try it out give your mind that time.

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