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#PYNKInspiration: Why Wait? DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good Talk Celibacy


bookcover-696x1024DeVon Franklin is an author, film producer, preacher, and motivational speaker. Men and women of all ages, are still raving about his latest book. DeVon and his wife, award-winning actress Meagan Good share the life-changing message about waiting for marriage to have sex. The candid book teaches on a powerful practice to find the love of your life, and the life you love. DeVon Franklin who’s been married to actress Meagan Good for a sweet three years, attributes their success to doing things God’s way. They believe their solid union is a result of the life changing decision not to have sex until after they were married. The book was officially released on February 2, 2016. The Franklin’s believe that growing in discipline is key to unlocking lasting love. “We should consider another way to do this that will produce more peace, better health-spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. We can put ourselves on a path to healing and reconciling relationships,” DeVon notes.

In DeVon’s early twenties, he worked as an intern with Will Smith’s management team. DeVon knew he loved God, but had some trouble staying true to his christian beliefs. “I knew my lifestyle would disqualify me from the full manifestation of the call God had for my life. I understood the short-term pleasure wasn’t worth missing my blessings. The decision to wait was one of the most difficult decisions I made in my life,” DeVon notes. Courageously, in his early twenties he committed to celibacy. He waited and practiced a life of celibacy until God revealed his wife.

For Megan, it was a chance to learn herself in new ways. “I learned self-control and loved myself in a more meaningful way. If I could give God the most tempting area of my life, then anything else is possible. I was in my fourth year of a relationship that had become destructive. I would see Devon on the set of “Jumping the Broom”. I said to myself, that’s the type of guy I wish I could be with. After the shoot I went home broke up with my boyfriend at the time, and became celibate. It was time to do things God’s way,” Meagan shares.

“The idea to write the book was very organic,” DeVon explains. “We got married in 2012, started dating about a year before that. As we started talking about our story individually, people started asking a lot of questions. It became a popular topic of conversation. As we shared our testimony people really got blessed by it. We thought writing a book would be a good way to help. We wanted to share something that was personal in a non-judgmental, non-preachy way.”

The Franklin’s both credit their waiting season as pivotal in their courtship. Sex is a gift from God in which you become one with another person. However, abstaining from sex while dating; allows you to gain clear assessments of another person, without sex filtering your judgment. This requires planning and much communication between couples, talk about boundaries.

DeVon Franklin Meagan GoodThree years later, the blessings for their sacrifice are still coming in. “There has been nothing about this walk that was easy, yet the rewards we reap because of the sacrifice are irreplaceable,” DeVon says. Any great relationship takes time. DeVon and Meagan make clear that marriage is more than a good time, it’s about purpose. The person you marry is your partner in life. God divinely connects you with that person to help you fulfill his purpose for your life.

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