#PYNKLove: Fashion Experts Mikel and Rasheena



Today’s PYNK love feature is dedicated to fashion connoisseurs Mikel and Rasheena. In order to find love, one has to be diligent, honest and willing and ready to give a sacred part of themselves for the glory of their union. In order to keep love, one has to be selfless in their actions, loyal in their commitment and strong in their foundation. Both Mikel and Rasheena are an exquisite example of love and the epitome of what a Black union should look like. With their beautiful family with six children, and their passionate expression of love for one another, it is clear that Mikel and Rasheena place family on a high plateau.

3780c2bd-8514-4413-a098-5050739eb65bAbout three weeks ago, the happy couple celebrated 10 years of marriage. In a concise caption, Mikel put his sentiments into a few words for his beloved wife, expressing his faith in an infinite time with Rasheena. With examples like Rasheena and Mikel, it gives us hope knowing that one day we can be in a grand love like theirs. In the wise words of Mikel, “[Marriage] is a job with no pay, just great benefits.”

All Photo Credits: Instagram

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