#PYNKLove: Tem and Remi Adeyemo, Owners of ‘KidAxis’


8228107d-60ef-4217-8032-f1b66db78ee7Today’s PYNK Love feature is dedicated to Tem and Remi Adeyemo. The Adeyemo’s are a power couple who have recently invested in an educational tool for young kids called KidAxis. KidAxis is an app made for children ages 5 and up dedicated to finding fun ways for children to learn new things. The two products that they offer are KidAxis TV and the Math Challenger. The Math Challenger helps practice the four basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. KidAxis TV offers 50 plus channels of entertainment and learning stations for children who are technologically savvy and interested in learning new ways to utilize media.

f2fda554-9fd5-4ccc-b87c-810f7fbef471Tem and Remi are parents of two and originally born in Nigeria. The couple has always place education on a very high pedestal. When they developed the idea about KidAxis, it was a no brainer that they were sitting on a golden idea. Fast-foward to today and the happy couple has garnered national support from fellow parents and they are looking to expand and create even more essential learning programs.

Talking with both Tem and Remi, it was clear that they were dedicated, hard-working individuals. I was curious to know their experience being a married couple and the co-owners of their own business. Tem and Remi explained how owning a business with your partner is not an easy feat, but they make sure to keep their personal lives and business lives in tune and separated.

“We have separated duties, so we don’t bump heads or argue about anything. It limits conflict and enables us to draw lines between business-time and family-time.”

PYNK caught up with the couple to discuss the trial and tribulations of being a start up and working with your partner. She dropped gems on how important it is to use your significant others’ strengths and weaknesses to your advantage in order to create a healthy and happy business relationship. KidAxis is an innovative approach to helping educate young kids in a way that keeps children interested as well as entertained.

If you are interested in getting the app, you can download it on their website, for FREE, at or at the app store.

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