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Today’s PYNK Love post is dedicated to the beautiful Zena Foster and the love of her life, Tank. As we all know, Tank is an award-winning  singer/songwriter who first graced the entertainment industry in 2001 with his debut album Force of Nature. Since then, Tank has continued to create music, but in recent years he’s been paying attention to something a little more important—his family.

After Zena’s stint as a model, she decided to invest in her entrepreneurial ideas, which led her to becoming the business woman that she is today. Zena and Tank shared a beautiful daughter together before they reconnected in 2013 and in 2015 they gave birth to a new baby boy—Zion—solidifying their union. They are as happy as ever and we are definitely happy to see black love in Hollywood flourish. Check out some more photos of the family below.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images, Rolling out


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