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#PYNKMedia: 20 Funniest #GrowingUpBlack Memes


*When you thought you were alone, but then the “growing up black” hashtag goes viral and you relate to the entire black social network community.*

Growing up black is a privilege that you can only understand if you’ve grown up in the culture yourself. It’s more than being African American; it’s growing up experiencing the clichés of being a stoop kid, or getting disciplined by your old-fashioned parents. From cookouts to beatings and even begging your mom for McDonalds, but having to settle for that juicy house burger. When you thought you were the only one with these growing up black problems, this hashtag will definitely change your mind.

Black Twitter is a culture of its own and this week, the #GrowingUpBlack hashtag proves it. Although some people have chimed in, in order to produce some much more offensive stereotypes, a lot of these viral posts are pretty accurate. Check out PYNK’s top 20 funniest “growing up black” tweets that we discovered on the following pages.

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