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#PYNKNewYear: 10 Trends From 2014 That We Hope Are Done



In 2014, we were bombarded with copycat style, music bandwagon fans, excessive use of the word “lit” and countless other urban trends that take entirely too long to get old. Although we are all guilty of diving into the pool of mainstream and we have all conformed to using slang and dressing a certain way, there is no doubt that there’s a time when you hang up those typical ways and find a new wave to jump on.

Every year brings a new trend. The toughest part is actualizing and accepting that there is no escape from media; therefore,  there is no escape from influence. As people, we are all simple and easily influenced by repetition. Ideally, we all want to be individuals, but when something is shoved down our throats constantly and we are consistently being trained to dress a certain way and act a certain way naturally we will be a certain way.

But it’s okay because we usually only go through this for a year. Sooner or later trend fade and new one swoops in to save the day. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to predict the trends for 2015, but we are going to take the time to reflect on the 2014 trends that flourished this year, hoping that their time has come to and end. Check out 10 2014 trends that we hope are over with.

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