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#PYNKRemembers: Those We’ve Lost to 2016


So much for a swift and quiet exit out of 2016. With the way my BREAKING NEWS app on my iPhone is set up, that’s just not the development.  And with 3 days left, most are saying ‘good-riddance’ to an awful year of mourning.  But it wasn’t all bad was it?

Wait, who am I kidding, I forgot, Trump did get elected President – that wasn’t just a bad dream, feels more like a death.  So maybe so, good riddance 2016.  Although I’ve seen so many come-ups this year with friends and family close to me, I can’t say the same for all.

Seems like every day leading up to the ball dropping, another one bites the dust.  The loss of so many greats & favorites this year alone, has the rest of us literally praying over the ones we’ve got left or busy strategizing our breakout plans in becoming the next future stars & legends.

But though the spec in this massive solar system that we call Earth never stops spinning, we would like to take a moment to commemorate some of those greats lost in these last 365 days.

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