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#PYNKReview: Check Out Who’s Next From Jersey


Fresh off of the hype from rap newcomer, Fetty Wap; New Jersey has been receiving a lot of attention and making its mark in the culture of hip hop. As one of the last states to be looked at as a mecca where hip hop thrives since popular 80’s group Naughty by Nature, Jersey has been awaiting this buzz.

New Jesey native, Fetty is definitely bringing the small city back in trend. With his performance from the MTV Movie Awards, Hot 97’s Summer Jam, and now the cover of XXL Freshman Class, Fetty Wap has created a surge for artists in Jersey and has given other upcoming artists a lane to travel through.


Hailing from Orange, New Jersey, Dougie F has been making waves and creating a buzz for himself that is  hometown grown. His biggest hit “Back Up On It”, which takes Jersey club music to the next level has made its way to the air ways and spun by some of the biggest DJs a part of the Hot 97 family. And if that wasn’t enough his latest performance alongside Travis Scott has stirred the interest of new fans and caught the attention of heavy hitters in the music industry



Coming straight from the Bricks, that is Newark, New Jersey, popular underground rapper Bless McFly has been hitting the club scene hard and making sure to leave a big impression. With his hard hitting lyrics and trap music persona he has been making his way into the hearts of many. He is one of those artist that can spit a hot 16, tell you  his life story, and make a record for the ladies all at the same time without breaking a sweat.  With his latest product “The Medical Mixtape” out and making its way through the streets he has continued to produce nothing but the best.



Also Hailing from the Bricks, popular battle rapper Tsu Surf has made major waves in the underground scene and is best known for his thought provoking bars and aggression in the Smack/URL scene. He has caught the attention of some of Hip Hops heavy hitters and just recently received a co-sign from the 6 God himself, Drake. Surf like may other battle rapper veterans are looking to shy away from the battle rap scene and focus on his career as an artist and so far it looks like he’s headed straight to the top.


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