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#PYNKReview: Leon Bridges’ Debut Album ‘Coming Home’

Leon Bridges

leon bridges

Leon Bridges released his debut album, Coming Home yesterday and it’s just as classic and soulful as we’d imagine it to be. The Atlanta, Georgia native is a clear product of his hometown, inspired by soul and jazz music birthed from the heart of the Deep South. With a guitar and his 60s-esque style, the 25-year-old musician is introducing a new and unique approach to modern day soul music.

Scaling through his Instagram feed, you will mostly see black and white images reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s fashion movement where suspenders were an accessory for every man’s outfit and wearing your slacks on your waist was trendy―he’s an old soul. 

If you aren’t a jazz or contemporary music lover, you might not understand the style of Leon, but there’s a little bit of something for everyone throughout the album. The lyrics are mostly about love and living a life of happiness, which is a positive sound for anyone to enjoy. Don’t be fooled; however, although 2015 has been lapped with trap and deep house projects, this year has certainly marked an era of creative innovation.

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Listen to the full album below and download on iTunes

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