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#PYNKStyle: 1 Dress For Every Body Type


When it comes to finding the prefect dress, one must be completely honest with themselves. It’s great to love the trends, but let’s be smart here, everything is not for everyone. I love strapless dresses, but these shoulders just won’t let me be great!

Many dresses are designed for a specific body type, and truth be told very few flatter all figures, here’s the trick, always #Think… What will enhance my best feature?! We have found one dress we swear by, it indeed fits every woman size or shape. This phenomenon of a dress brings attention to the smallest part of the body ” The waist” and then flares out.

Here’s why it works:

The Pear Shape: You carry weight in the lower part of your body, so it conceals the bottom portion.

The Rectangular Shape: You might be a little boy shaped, however, This dress gives the illusion of curves.

The Hourglass: You are naturally portioned which enhances your natural body shape.

The Apple Shape: You are wider in the mid-section and this dress gives you a waist.

This dress is a miracle worker, taking you from any event without being self-conscious.

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