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#PYNKStyle: Could Strap-Backs Be The Latest Addition to Street Style?



With the surge and buzz surrounding breakout artist Bryson Tiller, eyes have been on his fashion sense as well. He’s one of those artist that keeps it simple, dark, and mysterious. The true epitome of a guys version of street style. So in true pop culture fashion this break out artist has started a trend that has caught the eyes of many and is being copied worldwide.

His simple but stylish choice of wearing strap-back caps to take his fit to the next level has now become a booming business for companies like KYCVintage and Dad Hats. These companies have taken this “old fashion” style idea and upgraded it with catchy phrases, emojis, and intricate graphics.

These #PYNKGirlApproved fits are the latest craze in street style and are sure to take any outfit to the next level. Whether you are trying to be chill, sexy, sporty, or street chic, pairing one of these strap-back caps with your fit are sure to set you a part from the rest.

Check out some of these strap-backs below:

LIT back NASA back Trump Back 1992 back Saucin back Heart break Back black LIt back



Photo Credit(s):Soulbounce, kycvintage Instagram, kycvintage, whatdropsnow. 


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