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#PYNKStyle: Dressing Post Breakup


Surviving a break can be difficult, it’s even worst if your break is public news. We all have undergone a horrible break-up, that left us wishing we never see that person again… But hoping that if, we ever run into him, he’s with the girl he cheated with, and you’re head-to-toe in couture.

A couple of days ago everyone watched TMZ and followed Karrueche’s every tweet, when her then boyfriend, Chris Brown, learned he had fathered a love child. Everyone wanted to know what would she do, what was she saying?! But the real question?! how is she going to deal with this out in public. Which got me to writing this post, how to look smoking hot after a publicized breakup.. And say what you will?!.. Karueche is bringing the fashions honey.. This young lady doesn’t looked hurt at ALL!!

Here’s the thing, ditch the sweats, boyfriend jeans or tees, and the who-cares-about-life attitude. Pull yourself together girl! “The heart will go on”. It’s a proven fact that what we wear reflects how we feel, you might feel like the world has ended and you only want to wear black to mourn the love of your life. Not! You need color, you need a pick me upper and you need to get out of that slump. I call it color therapy, try bright hues like Hot #Pynk and Orange, go for a bold lip, and fun flirty looks. You might not want to comb your hair, so utilize the wide felt hat trend. After all you want everyone to go back and tell him how great you look with out him or him to secretly stalk your Instagram..

image image image

PS: This is not a ploy to get him back, it’s just a great way to feel better about yourself, survinging a post breakup is always about YOU!!! Always remember to be #Pynk #Powerful and #Provocative

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