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#PYNKStyle: Fashion Trends That Never Went Out Of Style


PYNK has spotted some popular throwback pieces that are super cute, proving that there are some essential pieces that just never get old in fashion. Everywhere you turn, someone is wearing high waisted pants, super flared bell-bottom denim, platforms, or their Calvin’s, but these styles have faded before and will probably fade again. There are some essential items that have yet to leave the fashion scene over many years and continue to make a comeback; however.

Since forever, style has recycled and fashion consumers have duplicated major looks from the past. Although we have been deemed the decade that lacks innovation in fashion, the premise of style is to appreciate the lineage of fashion, learn from the past and incorporate it into the future of design; which is why we can probably pick through our parents and grandparents’ old clothes and find something to wear tomorrow—that’s the beauty of it.

With designs in the new decade getting fairly risqué and changing rapidly, it’s important that we remember where our inspiration originally came from and not stray too far away from our essential style items. Check out PYNK’s selections of all-time favorite fashion trends from the past decades that we will never grow out of.

unnamed-3Leather jacket

Denim jacket

high waisted slacks


Leather pants

Converse originals











unnamed-4 Classic white tee

Pull-over hoodies

Slim sweat pants

Skinny leg jeans

Doc Martens

Thigh high boots

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