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#PYNKStyle: Fashion Trends We Hope Are Over After Summer 2015


Some people say that fashion was once more than a few trends that people choose to follow for the current year, but the truth is that fashion is all about trends. Although we constantly shun people for being unoriginal, it is kind of impossible to truly be unique in a world where fashion changes at such a fast pace. What is popular this month May not even be in style in June. Because of the constant movement within the fashion industry, it is important to find your own style in the realm of this dominating industry and keep a steady trend in your own life.

Trends are usually a cool item or action¬†that is already happening, but because it’s trending, it gets played out until you’re just annoyed by it. Kind of like the eyebrows on “fleek” movement–Since when did eyebrows become so important?

Whether you dress like a styling minimalist, an athlete, or a hipster; as long as you stay true to yourself, you won’t look silly. Although people insist that they are “trendsetters” and that they don’t follow other people–when it comes to fashion–everyone is probably guilty of indulging in a popular fashion fix. For the 2015, here are some popular trends from this year that we hope will be tossed away this summer.


Calvin Klein bra and panty sets (Kendall Jenner)

Photo Credit: Instagram

Plaid shirt around the waist

Photo Credit: Complex
Bucket hats

Photo Credit: Getty

Nike slippers

Photo Credit: Blog and the City


2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Backstage
Turtle neck crop tops

Photo Credit: Getty


Knee highs/thigh highs

Photo Credit: Getty

Adidas sweats
Photo Credit: Instagram
Leather tees

Photo Credit: Getty

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