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#PynkStyle: Handbag Heaven for Less…

no birkin for me

by Aaliyah Shalawn

It’s happened to all of us. We see a celebrity with a gorgeous bag dangling from their arm, and the first thing we do is google it to get the deets on it. For some of us that’s where the vision of that bag being a part of your outfit for your weekend festivities ends. The reality of a purse being just as much as your mortgage and car payment combined hits you and it all becomes just a dream. Luckily, we’ve found comparable and significantly less costly options for these designer handbags.


jchoo clutch                                                                                                                  mjacobsclutch




JIMMY CHOO CLUTCH $795                                                                                                                                                            MARC JACOBS CLUTCH $285



So don’t be discouraged the next time you see a must have bag, relax, take a deep breath and research, more than likely you’ll find something just as fab!

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