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#PYNKStyle: Luxury Dior ‘Fusion’ Sneakers

Luxury Dior Sneaker

“Have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?!”– Kanye West. If not? This sneaker might fulfill that void. It seems as if all the cool hipsters are starting up a cool trend, sneakers are making a huge comeback, New Balance trainers and Stan Smiths are challenging everyone’s ‘street cred’, so it’s no surprise that high haute designers are either collaborating with sneaker brands or creating their very own “chic-sneak”. In all reality the popularity of the humble sneaker has sky rocketed, out goes keds, everyone rocked in High School. Victoria Beckham caused quite the fashion frenzy when (Queen of the heels) unveiled her own pair of bespoke radiant green Nikes in May 2013, even the most prim and proper ladies amongst the fashion set had to sit up and listen.
When the fashion icon himself “Karl Lagerfeld’s sent Chanel glitzy lace-ups trainers down supermarket isles, we all sat up and listened..
When Givenchy collaborated with Nike and designed sneakers that ranged in various colors and heights, we knew the sneaker game wasn’t playing.

So, did we really think that it would take modernist Raf Simons long to follow suit. It was this Dior’s Fusion sneakers that the fashion elite were clad in at Paris Haute Couture autumn/winter 2014 Fashion Week, and Bond Street boutiques have both sold out of the $1,100 sports shoes.

Luxury Dior "Fusion" Sneaker

Luxury Dior Fusion Sneaker

Part comfort, part feminine, part futuristic , these sneakers have caused oohs and ahhs, between many fashion experts.

Lux sneakers

Luxury “Fusion” Sneakers

Dior’s Fusion sneakers, ¬†come in a few color ways.
Dior’s sale pitch might have went something like this “these sneakers are the perfect balance between couture and urban living”, with the petals a nod to the late Monsieur Dior’s penchant for blooms, whatever the sale tactic might be it’s working because these babies of fun are SELLING OUT!

Photos Courtesy of Dior

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