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#PYNKStyle: Pynk Trend Spotting


Trend spotting. There are a couple of trends that are popping up everywhere. The pants beneath a skirt or dress trend caught my eye, not that I love it so much, simply because it hit the streets over a decade ago and now it’s back! But it’s actually a childhood trick. I recall seeing it flood the side walks 14 years ago, attempted to try it, but it never made it out the house. It wasn’t because it didn’t work, it was because I wasn’t as fashion foward and daring as I am now..I digress, but here’s what sparked my interest, it worked 14 years ago and it seems like it’s working again. This trend is definitely tricky but it does work. Mentally trying to visualize it might confuse you, but physically seeing it done, is a whole other story. It’s different I will admit that, but isn’t that what matters these days? Being different pushing the envelope?

Why it works: layering is huge, so when you’re trying to totally update your look in seconds why not layer your favorite dress or skirt over a nice pair of jeans or silk trousers, a pair of amazing heels, and step out in fashion!

Don’t believe me?! Here are a few of fashion-dare-Devils that made it work:

image image image image image image

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