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#PYNKStyle: Styling The Not So Miltant-Military Jacket


If you are truly a fashion girl?! You are probably, stuck in one garment kinda per-season. Every season designers create something that’s “A Must-Have” and we all believe we need it!! Some how forgetting we once lived without it.. How did our closet survive look after look without owning it?! This year it’s the army green military jacket. Aside from the occasional polyvore post via Instagram showing us “how to wear” we’re telling you how and why?! Whenever it comes to purchasing a “must-have” you have to know if you really “must-have” it. Don’t fill your closet up with a bunch of stuff. Believe me you don’t need everything.. Whenever buying a must-have, ask yourself these 3 simple questions: 1. Do I really need this? 2. Does it work well with what’s already in my closet? 3. Is this just a want? However, we are telling you, girl you need this Military jacket. This jacket is very diverse, its dark hue, can serve as black, its rugged look gives great balance to the most simple outfit. Here are (8) ways to style this $20 Military jacket from Amazon, into your already cool wardrobe. I kid you not you’ll find yourself going for it every time you have to go out!! image image image image image image imageimage#PynkGirlApproved

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