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#PYNKStyle: The Colored Coat .

The a Colored Coat
The a Colored Coat

Zendaya Coleman In A Colored Coat

As the New Year begins, and you’re still a bit torn between, all black everything, an adding a bit of color to your closet? Here’s a sure way to incoperate color into your wardrobe, without fear. “The Colored-Coat”, a little POC (Pop Of Color) is always the easiet way to ease yourself into, unknown territory. The Colored-Coat, appeared on the scene, a few months back, bringing a bright look to some of our dreary days. If you haven’t gotten a chance to work it into one of your fabulous looks, it’s not to late.

Why it works: If you’re the simple girl, that doesn’t really do much embellishments or afraid of color, this coat is perfect for you. It works well over an understated outfit, still managing to keep you fashionably chic. If you’re into the monochromatic look, this coat works wonders layered over it. It’s definitely a sure way to stand out in a bevy of dark hues. It’s by far a very bold move, but if you consider yourself a stylish woman, here’s your chance to prove it!

Pynk Style Tip: When purchasing the ideal coat always make sure it’s well fitting, never rule out the option of tailoring. There’s nothing worse than rocking a bright ill-fitted coat. However when done correctly you can go from looking like Jo-Schmo’s to a true trend setter.

Many designers are offering bright color hues, so don’t be afraid of getting yourself a fuchsia or bright lemon coat, an its a great transitional piece, bringing you safely into Spring.

Photo Courtesy of Tumblr.

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