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#PYNKTalk: 5 Not So Glamorous Struggles Of Having Bigger Breasts



When every #PYNKGirl is younger we dream of days when we don’t have to worry about stuffing our bras with tissue or socks. And although that day seems so far away, there will be a time when we have enough boob-age to fill out those low cut shirts. But, we never imagined that day would come and there would be a such thing as too much cleavage.

We often think that having big boobs is the ultimate goal for any woman, but for those of us who have the hassle of lugging those extra 10 plus pounds on our chest see it as a curse. Members of the itty bitty titty committee, they see our many frustrations as minor because they dream of having the pleasure of doing a little shimmy and having something to shake. But these things aren’t as great as they seems. Check out the 5 tops struggles of having big boobs that range from fashion limitations to the huge expenses.


On The Hunt For A BFF: Finding the perfect bra is a hassle within itself. You have to make sure you are in the right store that doesn’t discriminate against the big girls and your pleasantly plump additions. There is no way you can walk into Victoria Secret and think they are going to have a bra that ads security, support, and flare to your boobs. So, you have the extra task of hunting down a store that caters to your long list of needs.


Show Me The Money: In addition to finding the perfect store, you better believe that this very rare gem comes at a price. Finding a store that has enough underwire and material to keep you secure like a bank comes at a very expensive price. The perfect bra sometimes ranges from $75-150 and that’s just one bra, ladies!


Fashion Has Its Limits:  There are numerous limitations when it comes to being fashionable considering that very few designers make clothes with big boobs in mind.

  • Button up shirts are the DEVIL.
  • Halter tops are impossible to wear without your security blanket (your bra).anigif_enhanced-buzz-1068-1389824268-7
  • Low cut shirts or dresses make it seem like you’re trying too hard.
  • Cross body bags HATE you for swallowing them.
  • Swimsuits that are cute and supportive DON’T exist.
  • Don’t ever think about wearing graphic t-shirts with writing across the chest because the printed phrase will never end.
  • Ruffles are never in style for you because they make you look like a whale.


Fit Life Is A Fight: It’s pretty cool when #PYNKGirls decide to take on the healthy lifestyle and start working out, but when you have built in weights sitting on your chest it makes exercises that much harder. It’s difficult to get the machines at the gym to accommodate your airbags, and even worse, you have to put on an arsenal of sports bras just to keep them secure.



My Neck, My Back: Have you tried sleeping, walking, or running with watermelons on your chest? The constant ponding of the extra weight on your chest and the fact that gravity hates you causes the extra weight to way you down even with a great bra. Back problems are inevitable.

But this is not to say that those #PYNKGirls who have bigger boobs than most shouldn’t love themselves. Every #PYNKGirl should be proud and comfortable in their skin and if having big boobs is your biggest problem you are blessed.


Photo Credit(s): Thatdamnsite, Buzzfeed, Soapboxvirtual,Uproxx.

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