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#PynkTalk: Are you doing what you went to school for?

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Boy, was I lucky! After finishing school for Communications with a concentration in journalism, I was able to work in my field right away. No internships, just straight to work. Although my interest was first in fashion, I have to be honest in learning that lifestyle is truly my path. I’m not sure what will happen in the future, but for now I am pleased with the direction in which my profession is going.

For many people, for one reason or another, have changed their professional path. Whether it was for finances or because they could not imagine a life in an office, they made changes to improve their lives.

So we asked a few of our #Pynkgirls: Are you doing what you went to school for? If no, what did you study and what do you do now? See what they had to say:



“I went to school for law and early childhood education. I always had a love for the law, but I quickly learned it wasn’t for me. I later opened up a home daycare because I love teaching children but learned that the management part was more my speed. I the started my own event planning and catering company which in turn launched an adult boutique, and just added a tshirt line.”  -Lisa W.

“I received an undergrad in Mass communications but wanted to do PR. I received a graduate degree is in Education and now I’m a Behavior Analyst. I got into it by accident after I was laid off as a case manager at a school.” -Nikki N.



“I originally went to school for Computer Science but changed my major to Sociology because I didn’t like math. Now I work in Finance and I work with numbers.” -Steph P.

“I studied to be a school teacher.  Now I’m in the fashion/entertainment industry I decided to go after my dreams because I found I was pregnant with my son. I would never want my child to settle, so why should I? Worked out pretty well.” -Pilar S.

“I studied English/Professional Writing and luckily have been able to make steady money freelancing since I graduated. But my full time gig is in sex education and public health. I started in communications but it was boring and realized how much I loved working with youth in the classroom.” -Natoya B.



“During undergrad I studied broadcast journalism. I did a year of law school. After graduating I went into retail management, and a bunch of odd jobs. I went into business for myself in PR management and I am currently a consultant. There weren’t a lot of opportunities in my area, with decent paying ones, so I paved my own way.”Afea S.

“I went to school for Fashion Marketing with the intentions of becoming a buyer. I’m a publicist who has had most of my success with fashion clients.  I took a job as an office manager for a restaurant and ended up doing the in-house PR. I fell in love with public relations and realized I could combine my educational background with my passion.”– Priya W.

“I went to school for Psychology with a Minor in Marketing. I wanted a career in Advertising or Law. I’m a Therapist who specializes in Anger Management, Shopping Addiction, Business Mentoring and Public Speaking. Fast forward to now, I saw all the anger in the world and decided I wanted to help people conquer what was making them feel this way.” -Tyra G.



“I am doing exactly what I went to school for. I knew I wanted to be in the PR/Marketing field since I was a little girl in elementary. I actually started working in my field before I entered college.” -Nadia W.

“I went to the International Academy of Design and technology in Tampa Florida and majored in fashion design and marketing. I’m currently working in my field of fashion and also the program director of the Women’s Business Center assisting women in starting their businesses.” -Sara J.

So ladies, are you doing what you planned? What changed and why?

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