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#PynkTalk: Are you willing to go braless in public?

Comfort is a feeling that we all desire. The ability to let go of a stressful day, take a deep breath and relax. For many of us, this only occurs when we are able to reach behind our backs, feel for the faster that make us feel secure and release our tatas. That’s right, some of us barely make it to our cars before we unfasten our bras and give our puppies the freedom that they deserve.


Since 1992, it has been legal in New York City for women to be topless (and braless). So for those of you lucky enough to live in the city and choose not to be confined to a jail for breasts, let those tig ol’ bitties go!

But for every woman that wants to go braless, there is another woman that has a sound reason as to why she must wear a bra. For many women, a bra is comfort. If you are a woman with large and voluptuous boobs, then a bra keeps you secure and according to the “Philly Bra Lady”, Karima Renee, finding the right fitting bra can provide ease on the back and shoulders.

For most of us, a braless lifestyle would be so amazing but it might not be something that society is ready for?

We talked with a few #PynkGirls about their thoughts on going braless an this is what they had to say:

“I go braless all of the time! I hate being restricted in general. If it were up to me there would be no bras, socks, or panties.” -Karla B.

“I do it all the time. Especially since bras have been linked to breast cancer.” -Tiara W.

“I would go braless all day, everyday because we weren’t born with make-up or bras so why not embrace who we are naturally?” -Alexandra A.

“Honestly, as a woman with large breast, I used to be truly insecure about them. I actually didn’t like them at all, but I am starting to embrace them more now that I am a grown woman who understands my body, but yes, I would go braless here and there.” -Aleesha C.

“I did it all summer and I’m a full C cup. It was so liberating!” -Priya W.

“Naw, my orangutans? Oh, no no! I cannot, I cannot!” -Rasheeda H.

“Nah, I would be kickin my titties with every step.” -Danielle F.

“I wish that I felt comfortable doing this. Having an “overflow of blessings” up top isn’t always as easy to finesse. But when at home, the girls are free to roam. No apologies.” -Elle R.

Are you willing to let it all hang out? Share your thoughts.

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