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#PynkTalk: At What Age Do You Stop Hanging At The Club?

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I am not really a club goer. Thanks to all of the violence and other tragic stories that I have heard, I pass. You can catch me on the dancefloor at the next family function. That does not mean that I will NEVER go to a club, because hey, you just never know.

I was having this discussion with a friend who is a little older than me who made mention that, “Girl, you better get to the club before you’re too old to dip and do it,” and that led me to the question: “Can you ever be too old to hit the club?”

When I asked my dear friend what age would be “too old” she said, “Anything after 30 is too old.” While in some ways I agreed with her, another part of me wondered why would a person that is over 30 be seen as to old to party? I was perplexed.

So to the majorities take on the situation, I turned to the #PynkGirls for their thoughts about hitting the club after a certain age, and as usual, they kept it real!

“Never because I like to dance!” -Santina M.

“You know that you have reached a limit when your face is all twisted up because everyone and everything is annoying you.” -Karla B.

“After 25. If it ain’t a business move leave it to the young people.” -KDiora H.

“After 25. The club scene can interfere with business.” -Lea’trice C.

“End it Asap. My old behind fell asleep in the club.” -Rasheeda H.

“By the time I was 30, my mindset was more structured and a nice lounge or tasteful event was more appealing to me. The quality of people changed too!” -Stephanie D.

“No specific age. I’ve been with my husband for almost 20 years, and while we no longer “hang in the club”, we still love to get out and dance. We just pick our spots.” -Tia B.

“My late twenties. When the club seemed like more work than anything and you start feeling more irked than excited. When it comes to nightlife, give me karaoke, bowling, or some activity that just doesn’t require me to be uncomfortable, paying for overpriced liquor just to stare in my phone to Travis Scott all night.” -Natoya B.

“Why should anyone stop going to a place that was specifically created for people to gather for a fun time? Pick new clubs that may appeal to your own age group/social needs and live your life. Clubbing is not something for people 18-25 only. I don’t party all of the time but enjoy the nightlife scene.” -Elle R.

“As long as your heart desires.” -Carmena D.

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