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Black Love Movies We Can’t Get Enough Of


Every #PYNKGirl has those go to black love movies that are iconic in their own right because they celebrate the beauty of love or shed light on the struggles us black women go through in order to find our very own black love.

And it’s no secret that we all get excited when we hear rumors or buzz about a sequel of those very movies we can’t help but to replay whenever we are in need of a great movie night. So here are our #PYNKGirlApproved black love movies that are in dyer need of a part 2.


Love & Basketball:

Wouldn’t it be great if we found out how Monica’s career in the WNBA is going and what exactly is Q doing with his life?



Brown Sugar

What if the sequel highlighted the evolution of hip hop and showed Sid and Dre finally getting married?



How Stella Got Her Groove Back

What if  Stella and Winston fall out of love and return to Jamaica to find the reason they fell in love?




Deliver Us From Eva

What if Eva slips back into her bitch ways and Ray can’t take it anymore?

2003 Deliver Us From Eva 003



Just Wright

What if Leslie being with Scott has become to much and the stress of groupies and the road take a toll on their relationship and they way the option of divorce?






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