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#PynkTalk: Chris Batson

Meet twenty-two year old Los Angeles-bred, Alternative/R&B singer/songwriter, Chris Batson. Known for creating the most poignant and deeply personal lyrics, matched with a vocal soulfulness beyond his years, Chris Batson is, without a doubt, #PynkGirl Approved! Drawing from relationships with friends and partners and his own inner conflicts, Batson pens heart-wrenching stories from his dark and unpredictable life experiences, thoughts and emotions. In this exclusive interview, Pynk Magazine chats with Chris Batson about the inspiration behind his art, his definition of a Pynk girl, down to his latest hypnotic single, “I Know,” (which we just can’t seem to get enough of,) and much more!
Your music is deep, haunting, introspective. What is the inspiration behind your sound, and how did you get your start in music?
The inspiration behind my sound is really just real life experiences that I’ve been through and that I continue to go through. Only time I really fabricate anything is when I’m songwriting for others. And that’s only because I have to. I like to keep things as real and as honest as possible. I think that’s what caught the attention of my manager, Lex Borrero, who really got me started in the industry and got me my first meeting with Zach Katz which led to my publishing deal with BMG.
How have your surroundings, growing up in Orlando, FL cultivated your unique sound as an artist?
Man… I really think growing up around my brothers who loved R&B and hip hop really influenced me. When I was a freshman in highschool, my brother Charles was a senior…and he’d drive me to school every day…and we’d just ride out to Pretty Ricky and the Dream, Usher. Those guys were the ish and still are to me. Those were some of the moments that helped me realize how to keep a balance, and to how key and important great melodies are.
I think it’s brave that you are so open about your life, your battle with depression and schizophrenic disorder,  especially because so many people, including the youth, struggle with mental health issues. What motivates you to share so much of yourself with the world and relate so openly through your music?
I look at it like this…when I was really truly going through it…I didn’t have anyone and I mean ANYONE I could relate to…maybe Kid Cudi at best…but even then I felt so alone…I would tell even my friends my problems and they wouldn’t really know how to approach the issue or  be able to relate….I want people who listen to my story to be like …’man he’s going through the same things as me, and he’s doing great for himself…he moved to  LA, got a publishing deal, an artist deal….if he can do it, so can I. ‘
What’s a day like in the world of Chris Batson?
Most times I’m in the studio. But even if I’m not in the studio, I’m at home working on new ideas. I have so much to say…and that’s why I create so often. If I’m not working on music…
Your EP, “We Got Lost Along The Way” is EPIC! What was the process like creating it?
Thank you! There was no real process…I was living in Orlando at the time, depressed and just wrote my heart out…by the time I moved to LA…these were the songs I had to show people… Me and my management sat down and wanted to put a project out and we felt these were the most relatable, honest, and incredible stories that would form a sound and that we’re cohesive.
Listen to Chris Batson’s “I Know” Here.
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
I’d say, Kanye West …I feel like he’s great at pushing people and making people better. And at this stage that’s what I’m about. Growth. And being around the people that push you out your comfort zone and that make you better.
What do you like to do when you’re not creating music?
Make music…haha No, I honestly just like to be around friends. Go to the movies. I’m actually really getting back into movies. That’s my go to thing.
How would you describe the #PynkGirl?
Loyal. Beautiful. Intelligent. Kind. Caring. Doesn’t get much better than that.
What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for a girl?
Man there’s too many to count. Ha. But this one is in the top 3. I booked a hotel…and ahead of time bought my girl a dress and some shoes…I had it waiting on the hotel bed for her.  This was all a surprise she didn’t know what I had planned. So I had my brother act like he was our driver haha! He drove us to the hotel first so I could surprise her with the dress…and then he drove us to dinner at seasons 52. And we headed back after that. Classic Chris Batson romance. Haha. This was the most recent thing I did for a girl. 
What’s your relationship status?
I’m a single man. Haha. I’m focused on music right now. Wouldn’t mind something casual though. But nothing too serious right now.
What’s next for Chris Batson?
The new single “IKNOW” just dropped. And the album,  P.S. Love Never Dies after that. I’ll be performing live a lot more. Good things coming and me and my team are excited!
What advice would you offer to aspiring musicians?
Just perfect your craft. You and everyone around you will know when you’re ready to do something great….don’t rush anything. Quality is key. Be picky about your art. And follow your dream:..but remember to always have a back up. There is nothing wrong with that. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.Get Familiar with Chris Batson:
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