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#PynkTalk: Do black women support black women enough?

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Recently, the “I Just Can’t Do This” singer, K. Michelle caught a little backlash from posing the question whether or not black women support each other. Of course, this question did not get past our #PynkGirls and they were interested in weighing on the topic.

Here is what they had to say:

“It depends. I feel as [though]we do support each other and I am highly supportive of all Women of Color. My entire work is women empowerment. Yes, there can be some bad seeds who are nasty, bitter, or downright ignorant by nature, but we just have to ignore those types.” -Carisha Z.

“Not as much. I think we can do better, especially where I’m from. There is so much power in sisterhood and collaboration. I would love to see more love and support among us.” -Afea S.

“I think we do support each other. The issue is that support means something different to everyone, and this is where I think the varying answers come from. I’ve also learned in business that everyone won’t support me because they don’t see my need and that is okay. I also believe in the power of attraction. If you think you can’t find supportive groups of women, you won’t.” -Jaynay J.


“My custom clothing business was built because of the support from black women, who are 98% of my clientele. I believe if you have a product or service that appeals to them, and your customer service is respectful and welcoming, they will definitely support it.” -Jacqueline M.

“Sometimes as women, the passions within them lashes out instead of reaching out in support. Being passionate is a great asset to getting the job done. I’ve learned through workshops with women that the same passion can compel you to encourage, support, and inspire other women. When we as women learn and acknowledge that my gift has room for your gift and we can exist and achieve greatness together, then we’ll all support each other with love, respect and admiration of the gifts within us. I love seeing that harmony can create A SYMPHONY!” Shay M. 

“I don’t think there is enough genuine support. Yes, we preach women empowerment, but often times forget to practice it. The true meaning of sisterhood has somehow gotten lost in translation. We are to uplift and motivate each other because of compassion– not for personal gain. -Tiffany C.


“I can’t talk about all Black women but I have the most amazing circle of Black Women friends. My business partners are Black Women. Most of my clients are Black women and so are all the women in my family.” -Priya W.

“I think there is this huge women empowerment movement going on, but we are still in competition with one another. Empowerment and competition can’t coexist.” -Octavia M.

“I think it depends on the woman and her circle. I don’t think we support each other enough (in general). I think there’s a lot of things that hold women back from being supportive like jealousy, competition, and intimidation.”Ciara L.


From my personal experience, I would say that most of my support has come from Women of Color. I have to add in the support of women of the Latina world because they have also been there to support me. I have also received support from other women, that I appreciate and respect, but this is about us.

The support that I have received from my sistahs and my sisters has been amazing and I am so appreciative.

I have not had the experience of haters, at least not directly, but there were moments when I knew that the love was not real or that there was no love at all.

In my opinion, I think that we can do more for each other because let’s face it, we are all that we have. I think that we should educate, encourage, and support one another to the best of our ability. But it also the job of the receiver to accept with graciousness, a studious ear, and the return of support.

It truly does take a village and there would be no people without the support of us.

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