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#PynkTalk: Do you consider sexting cheating?

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When your lover cheats, it can cut really deep. The idea of your loved one sharing an intimate moment with another person can really take a toll on your mentally, physically and spiritually. For most people there is no turning back from a spouse’s cheating ways, while others are able to find forgiveness in their hearts and work things out the best way they can.

While the notion of your husband/wife/lover wrapped up in someone else’s arms is enough to send you packing, would you ever consider leaving your mate for sexting? Sexting is when a person sends sexually explicit photographs or messages over text and lots of people are not here for it!

We talked to a few of our #PynkGirls about sexting and many of them think it was as bad as cheating. Here is what they had to say:


Yep! It’s another form of emotional cheating to me.” -Priya W.

“YES! Sexting is absolutely cheating. Anything that distracts you mentally, emotionally or spiritually from the relationship is being unfaithful. Do not give your mind, emotions, or body to someone outside of the relationship. I’m not sure I would end the relationship the first time it was discovered, but if it continued I would send him packing because it means that you don’t respect me and there nothing I can do with someone who doesn’t respect me!” -Tiffany G.

“Yes, I definitely do and it’s just as hurtful as physically cheating. That’s a boundary you don’t break if you’re really committed to someone.” Rachel G.

“If you are sexting someone outside of your relationship it is cheating. You are giving away the one thing that is binding in a relationship. I’d leave the relationship because my trust would be gone. It will eventually lead to a physical act because the sexting builds your desire to act.” -Jacqueline M.

“Yes definitely to both. That’s pretty much virtually screwing somebody with intimate conversations and pictures.” -Dani P.

What do you think of sexting? Is it a no for you?

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