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#PynkTalk: Did you once have swimsuit fears?

“Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” — Brian Hyland


You and your girls have planned to spread your black girl magic on the ultimate vacation filled with days in the sun, mornings of relaxation, and tons of fun! When your girls mention that you will be hitting a few pool parties, a sudden overwhelming feeling hits you. You begin to panic and your mouth goes dry. Why? Because you fear wearing a bathing suit.

Whether you gained a little weight or you feel like you don’t have the figure-eight body that you see in every traphouse video, wearing a bathing suit can be frightful. Many experience it, but not all will admit it. We spoke with a few of our #PynkGirls and they opened up and were very honest about their fears and some even got over them.

See what they had to say!


“I did have swimsuit fears as I gained weight after high school. Ten years later, I’m just getting over it after I lost a ton of weight.” -Nadia W.

“Yes, very much so. I used to base how I felt about myself on the views of other people. I felt ashamed of my body because other people had rejected me and I had a very difficult time seeing myself as beautiful. I realized that in order for me to attract better, I had to first become it. In order to have people treat me better I had to show that standard with my own actions. So I got out of the toxic relationships (romantic and otherwise), I forced myself every day to choose to love me and over time I actually did. This change gave me the confidence to accept who I was and in that acceptance came the ability to live life in a more fulfilling way which, believe it or not, included wearing a bathing suit without a t-shirt on!” -Lydia E.

“I have a bikini fear. Mostly because my belly isn’t and has never been toned. As I’ve gotten older and settled more in life, I’ve gotten more confident about my body. I’m still not a big fan of Brazilian bikinis, instead I found that 50’s style suits were my best fit, high waisted bikini bottoms were my solution.” -Sasha M.

There are many ways to get over that fear but love of self is the end all!

What do you have to say? Do you have swimsuit fears? Share your truth below.

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