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#PynkTalk: Has anyone ever started a false rumor about you?

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“Look at all these rumors surrounding me everyday” Timex Social Club

Gossip. Lies. Rumors. Spilling Tea. No matter what they are called, they can hurt. It can destroy relationships and reputations. It can cause people to cause others bodily harm.

When people take out the time to spread a rumor, it is usually because of lack of communication. For example, have you ever played the game, Grapevine? This is the game when someone whispers a sentence in another person’s ear. The person listening is suppose to listen to the details, and then they whisper it to another person and the whispering goes on and on. By the time it reaches the last person, the story is completely different. Can you see how that can create a rumor?

Another way rumors are started is when a person is being spiteful. They create a story to discredit, bully and/or gain popularity from their mean words. This is their way of getting back at a person.

So how do you end a rumor? Well, it all depends on the individual. We spoke with a few #PynkGirls and here is how they handle false rumors.

Absolutely, lol. You rise above it. Let you character, work ethic, whatever speak for itself. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time the truth will tell. It’s very hard because you want to strike back, that’s human nature. I feel the need to set the record straight. Most times it’s not even worth it. I always try to take the high road.”– Afea S.

“Quite a few times…and I took the high road, every time. It’s not worth acknowledging them and giving up your time. The main thing they want is your attention.– Bethany B.

“I ignored it.”– Yaya R.

In one case it was a family member and it completely divided the family. Even after I proved the family member lied, I still felt like certain family members appeased the person who lied. No one ever asked the other person why did they lie? It was never addressed.”– Tiffany B.

So you’ve been hearing something about you that you know are not true? How do you deal with it?

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