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#PynkTalk: Have you ever feared your new guy would return back to his ex?

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Have you ever dated a guy that recently left his wife and claims that he was ready to move on and get a divorce, but in the middle of your relationship, he decided it was best to return back to his wife?

Have you ever dated a guy who had a baby’s mama and he claimed that the only relationship they had was caring for their child? He later realized it was best that they work it out for the sake of the baby and the love he still had for his ol’ girl?

If you are one of the many unfortunate ladies nodding your head in agreement to those questions, it’s okay because you are not alone. There is nothing to be ashamed of because it is not all your fault– he was not honest with you or his own feelings.

The best things that can be done after a break up like this is to pick yourself up and move on. Just think of it like this: He just made room for Mr. Right to enter and girl he is fine!

We wanted to know what other #PynkGirls thought and experienced. Here is what they shared:

“It happened to me. They had young children which means that they have to communicate. So I didn’t feel someway about that.”Carol Y. 

“It also happened to me. The only reason for exiting was that she wouldn’t apply herself. When she made moves to better her life he was extremely excited. I just figured he was excited because she was the mother of his child and her doing better meant a better life for their child… or let’s say that’s what I wanted to believe. We broke up and four months later he was marrying her.” -Quisha A.

It happened when I was young (21-year-old). He was fresh out of a marriage and I could tell that he was still grieving the loss of it. When he decided that he would go back, it made me question if I was good enough. I was still learning my worth. I eventually moved on. -Jacqueline M.

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