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#PynkTalk: How do you deal with being overwhelmed?

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Deadlines. Meetings. Pickups. Social media. Soccer practice and dance classes.

From sun up to sundown, life can get hectic. Whether we are homemakers or entrepreneurs, we have a lot on our plate and sometimes it is more than we can chew.

So how does one clean their plate or anxiety, business and overall being overwhelmed?

We talked to our #PynkGirls and this is what they had to share:


Take a nap! Naps save lives!” -Shanise G.

“Take a step back from everything to collect myself, time alone, and exercising. Medicinal marijuana is a pretty awesome tool as well.” -Katie B.

“I remove myself from the situation take a deep breath to calm down, think about what’s overwhelming me, then make a list of what’s a priority, and focus on those issues but at a slower pace.” -Tyra G.



“Stop everything and go on a social media hiatus. I’ve noticed people will require much from you and you have to decide when to stop.” -Jaynay J.

 “Take a solo walk, drive, or even a trip to process my feelings and just be.” -Rachel G.

“Whiskey (Jameson exact) and music. It also helps to sit down sometimes and figure out who and what you can afford to say no to.” -Natoya B.

“This has been a challenge for me lately. I just took my first vacation in 3 years. No laptop, no business phone, no work… just time to relax. I came back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running!” -Sheria R.



“Stop, drop, meditate, regroup and prioritize.”Jocelyn N. 

 “Prayer and meditation.” -Victoria B.

“Solve the things that can and needs to be done right now then gradually get the next project. Ask for help. Admit that you are overwhelmed and breathe.” -Rasheeda H.

“Time with my daughter. I do it all for her so when I get overwhelmed, I take time to remember why I do what I do.”Priya W.



“I take a hot shower and listen to classical music.” -Bethany B.

 “I google inspirational quotes.” -Ramona K.

“Meditation and Prayer. Then I put everything in front of me that needs to be done, I prioritize them and attack what needs to be done first. Usually once you start working hard on what needs to be done the anxiety and overwhelm goes away!” -Alean E.

Which of these tips would you try? Share some of your tips for relaxation.

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