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#PynkTalk: How do you describe beauty?

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After binge watching a few episodes of Botched, I was amazed at the miracles that the doctors, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow were able to perform each episode.

If you’re not familiar with the show, then you are missing a lot. Botched is a show about people who come to Terry and Paul in order to have their previous plastic surgery jobs fixed because they were Botched.

From reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard having her nose fixed and her boobs corrected, to former supermodel Janice Dickinson having her really bad implants being removed, these doctors are committed to remedy extreme plastic surgeries gone wrong.

What I liked the most about these doctors (via the show), is that they have a sense of moral. They refuse to do extreme jobs that would go beyond what the body can handle, and they have been known to tell people no when asked to do ridiculous jobs. They have helped people with severe burns and those who have scars from fleshing eating diseases.

According to the doctors, they want to help people enhance their beauty not change their looks. In that perspective, i am okay with that, however, it did make me think about the meaning of beauty.

Upon searching the word “beauty” in the Webster Dictionary, it vaguely defines beauty as “a woman of great physical beauty.” So beauty is only the physical? This definition seems to need an upgrade.


I wanted to know what our #PynkGirls thought of beauty. See how they defined it:

“A beautiful spirit exuding itself externally.” -Rachel G.

“All shapes, colors, creeds and sizes. if you like it, I love it!” -Leslie T.

“Beauty is fluid. Things I found beautiful 10 years ago may not appeal to me now. I’m older, wiser and more observant.” -Kristin L.

“Total confidence!” -Antoinette W.

“Most times I don’t see beauty, I Feel it…” -Antonia A.

Beauty seems to be the most wanted yet worst described attribute everyone is trying to achieve. While the definition according to Webster is a little lackluster, I think that #PynkGirls have my attention with their description.

How do you describe beauty?

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