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#PynkTalk: How #PynkGirls plan to enjoy the rest of Summer

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For me, Summer has been off to a great start. I haven’t done anything extravagant but I have done things that I enjoy. For instance, my family and I have taken up the hobby of bowling and we love it! Nothing is more gratifying than knocking down a few pins and gaining a strike. I’m so into it.

I plan to travel a little more but in the meantime, I am totally enjoying myself with family after being away for a while.

So we at Pynk wanted to talk to the #PynkGirls about how they plan to enjoy the rest of their Summer.

“I will attend a few fashion events. I also go to a few art and outdoor festivals, and maybe a little theater. My travel has I just got back from a fun trip to Vegas and had a blast!”– Ayana W.

“This summer, I am cleaning my apartment thoroughly. Getting rid of items that no longer serve me, redecorating some areas, finally decorating others and making it a home.”– Jaynay J. 

“Lurk on my friends and fam for bbqs and try to go to the beach. Also keep up with any events going down around the city.”– Dani P.

“Honestly, I spend a lot of time in the water kayaking. This is a moment where my phone doesn’t matter, where sound doesn’t matter. Just peace and the connection with all the beautiful trees and water. I get filled up with God’s gift of silence, warmth and peace. ToshaMakia A.

“I plan to attend lots of concerts and music festivals (OVOFest is a fav), travel, beaches and amusement parks. – Natoya B.

We hope that their ideas inspire you to have a little fun and enjoy yourself. Detox a little from the everyday norm and get into you!

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1 Comment

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